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What is the Value of CBT in Respiratory Conditions and How Does it Work in Practice?

For many years the integration of physical and mental health has been poor, however there is increasing body of evidence demonstrating that integrating mental and physical care for people with long-term conditions can improve both physical and mental health, as well as reducing healthcare utilisation.3

CBT is an evidence-based, patient-centred, individualised, structured psychological treatment, which aims to understand patients’ current difficulties.1,2 It explores the links between a patient’s situation, physical symptoms, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour, and uses techniques directed at tackling current challenges to teach the patient skills to help identify unhelpful thinking or behaviour which might be causing vicious cycles of anxiety and/or depression. Having a clearer understanding of the underlying challenges can then lead to the identification of strategies to help overcome these difficulties with the aim of improving the patient’s quality of life.3

In this presentation, Dr Heslop-Marshall discusses how CBT can be integrated into everyday practice to help respiratory patients and the accompanying breathlessness they may experience.


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