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What is the Clinical Relevance of Inhaler Resistance?

Inhaler technique and device selection is a core aspect in every asthma and COPD consultation, with little consideration given to the multiple elements involved such as lung physiology and inspirational flow. The inhaler device itself can equally contribute to good inhaler technique and ultimately to the overall asthma control. In his talk, Dr Toby Capstick explains the physiological aspects of inhalation, inspirational flow and how to utilise the gained inhaler knowledge to select the right device for the right patient.

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Dr Toby Capstick

Dr Capstick is Consultant Respiratory Pharmacist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He is a Chair of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Respiratory Group and is a member of the UK Inhaler Group and the British Thoracic Society Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Clinical Advice Service.

Dr Capstick is an independent non-medical prescriber and runs clinics in the Leeds Interstitial Lung Disease and Tuberculosis Clinics. He works one day a week for NHS Leeds CCG to improve respiratory medicines optimisation, addressing variation in the quality of care and prescribing in patients with asthma and COPD to improve outcomes. He also provides training to up-skill the existing workforce in primary care, including GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists.