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What does Inhaler Resistance Actually Mean?

When discussing inhaler technique and device selection with your patients, finding the right device for the right patient bears a challenge. Some guidance is given relating to some physical aspects of the devices; however, the physical processes within a device during inhalation are complex and rarely explained. In his presentation, Mr David Harris, a renowned physicist in the field of respiratory devices explains the prerequisites for an inhaler device to ensure good inhalation in simple terms. This knowledge will help you decide which device suits which patient best.

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Mr David Harris

Mr Harris is the Chief Technology Officer for Cambridge Healthcare Innovations (CHI), who develop novel healthcare and medical products to improve people’s quality of life. David has been working in the field of respiratory drug delivery for over 25 years, so one of the key focus areas for CHI is the optimisation of inhaler devices. He is a practicing physicist, who specialises in aerosol science, fluid dynamics and understanding lung function and its application to good inhaler design. He enjoys working with those involved in progressing the science of delivering drugs to the lungs.