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Virtual Asthma and COPD Review Pre and Post Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual consultations became a necessity and sometimes the only way of communication between patients and their healthcare providers. At the time it was crucially important to balance the needs of patient care with the needs to protect the NHS, and through this experience a lot of lessons were learnt in terms of advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

As we now approach a future where COVID-19 is endemic within our population, virtual consultations now form an important and efficient part of normal everyday clinical practice. However, despite our experience to date there are still many outstanding questions within respiratory care, such as how to address inhaler technique or wellbeing in a remote setting, when should patient’s be seen face-to-face, and how to ensure consistency between consultations. It is therefore important that we share our learnings so far, with the ultimate aim of providing optimal respiratory patient care.

During this presentation, Dr Phyllis Murphie, whose research interest and expertise sits within the field of telehealth and virtual consultations, will provide deeper insights on how the pandemic has shaped virtual consultations and how the future might look like. She will also offer advice on when it is better to see a patient in person and what to look out for both during and after virtual consultations.

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  • Dr Phyllis Murphie

    Respiratory Nurse Consultant / Specialist Respiratory Nurse

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