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Understanding Breathlessness in Asthma

Understanding patient’s breathlessness and its underlying condition is a common problem in the respiratory clinic.

Professor Stephen Fowler explores the possible causes for breathlessness which might manifest in a comorbidity of asthma rather than asthma itself, and provides guidance on what to look out for in making a diagnosis. He proposes asking the key questions: “Does the patient have asthma and if not, what could it be?” and/or “Is asthma causing the symptoms and if not, what is?”

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Professor Stephen Fowler

Professor Stephen Fowler is a Professor of Respiratory Medicine and honorary consultant in respiratory medicine at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. After sub-speciality training in pulmonary hypertension and cystic fibrosis at Papworth Hospital, Profess Fowler took up a post in January 2006, initially as HEFCE funded clinical lecturer (promoted to senior lecturer 2016, professor 2020) with duties split between research and teaching at the University of Manchester and clinical work at Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Clinically, Professor Fowler works in the regional severe asthma service, with a particular interest in the investigation and management of complex breathlessness. These clinical interests and experience in severe asthma and associated airways diseases feed directly into his research programme.