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Treatable Traits in Asthma

Involving patients and carers in decisions about their care and treatment is an integral part of providing truly patient-centred care.1 Person-centred care supports people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to more effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health and care. It is coordinated and tailored to the needs of the individual.2

Traditionally, clinical guidelines have advocated a stepwise approach to pharmacotherapy of asthma and COPD, but there is an increasing realization that both require more personalized and precise management. To this end, a management strategy based on the so-called “Treatable Traits” has been proposed.

A treatable trait is a characteristic amenable to therapy, with measurable benefits of treatment. This approach determines what pathology is actually present and treatable, rather than using umbrella labels.4

Dr Dhananjay Desai talks about the concept of treatable traits and how these can be identified using biomarkers in patients with asthma.


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