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Shared Decision Making in Community Care

Shared decision making has consistently been referenced as a key principle of modern healthcare but is too often still not fully practised by clinicians or experienced by patients. Recent studies have shown patients with long-term conditions such as asthma, are willing to take part in shared decision making, yet this is not optimally provided.1

During this webinar, Ms Joanne King offers practical tools and shares best practices of how she implements SDM in community care. Use of decision aids, the importance of addressing patient believes and values with clear, patient-friendly language is discussed.

This webinar also brings in a patient’s perspective and personal experience of SDM, highlighting the importance of involving patients in decisions about their care in order to have a meaningful impact on their overall asthma control.

1. Kayyali, R., Gebara, S. N., Hesso, I., Funnell, G., Naik, M., Mason, T., Uddin, M. A., Al-Yaseri, N., Khayyam, U., Al-Haddad, T., Siva, R., & Chang, J. (2018). Shared decision making and experiences of patients with long-term conditions: has anything changed?. BMC health services research18(1), 763. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-018-3575-y

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Ms Joanne King

Joanne King is a Respiratory Consultant Nurse at Frimley Health NHS Trust. Joanne has restructured the respiratory services in Berkshire East to form The Adult Integrated Respiratory Service (AIR) team which launched in October 2016. As clinical lead for the AIR service she provides support, guidance, management and clinical leadership to the specialist nursing and physiotherapy teams, whilst developing services and expertise in respiratory care in both acute and primary care sectors. 

Joanne has completed Asthma and COPD diplomas as well as being a non-medical prescriber. Between 2003 -2013 she received a BSc (Hons) in Nurse Practitioner Studies from Buckinghamshire University and an MSc in Clinical Health Care from Oxford Brookes University. Joanne also has a spirometry qualification. 

Joanne is a member of the British Thoracic Society, Primary Care Respiratory Society, European Respiratory Society and the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists. She is also a committee member of the Service Development Committee, PCRS UK and a board member of ARNS as the respiratory disease subcommittee chair. Joanne is the COPD lead for ARNS and also chairs the local respiratory forum and specialist nursing group.