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Integrated Care from Rhetoric to Reality: Why, What, How?

In the past, traditional divisions between primary and secondary care, physical and mental healthcare, and the NHS and local council services have resulted in patients experiencing disjointed care.1 The NHS Long Term Plan confirmed that all parts of England will be served by an integrated care system from April 2021.1

Integrated care is about offering patients the support they need through a healthcare service that is holistic, coordinated and most importantly, patient centric. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supporting patients through integrated care, particularly in the respiratory community.

In her presentation, Dr Binita Kane introduces the concept of integrated care and talks about her experience working as the clinical lead for integrated respiratory care for the Manchester University Foundation Trust.
Dr Kane explores why integrated care working is needed and how it can be established to benefit patients and your working practice alike.


1. NHS England. What are integrated care systems? Available at: https://www.england.nhs.uk/integratedcare/what-is-integrated-care/ [Last accessed December 2021]

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Dr Binita Kane

Dr Kane is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at Manchester University Foundation Trust (MFT), and has an interest in airways disease, quality improvement (QI) and leadership.

Dr Kane is currently the clinical lead for integrated respiratory care at Manchester University Foundation Trust and a member of the Greater Manchester (GM) Respiratory Steering group. She is also the clinical lead for the GM COPD Health Innovation programme, and the strategic lead for the North-West Severe Asthma Network which provides specialised asthma services across this region.

Dr Kane is a member of the Royal College of Physicians QI Faculty, PCRS Service Development Committee and board member for the National Audit for COPD and Asthma.