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Ensuring High Quality Asthma Reviews in a Virtual Consultation

With the evolution of asthma reviews over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, moving from face-to-face to the virtual setting, there has been a steep learning curve to ensuring high quality asthma reviews can continue to occur in a virtual consultation.

During this webinar Natalie Harper summarises the key elements to consider during telephone and video consultations, including the basic legal and confidentiality considerations, and offers some advice around the content of the consultation including personal wellbeing. She also emphasises the importance of reviewing the patient’s medication, including reliever use, medication adherence and inhaler device technique in the virtual setting. Ms Harper finishes by offering some advice around challenges healthcare professionals need to be aware of in virtual consultation.

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Natalie Harper

Ms Harper originally trained in Suffolk from 1988-1990 as an Enrolled Nurse and then subsequently converted to a Registered Nurse. She worked as a Practice Nurse for 19 years with a passion in Respiratory medicine before returning to secondary care as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist in 2009, becoming a Respiratory Consultant Nurse in 2019.

Since then she has continued to maintain strong links with both primary and secondary care and has been involved in implementing respiratory services across Dorset. As an independent non-medical prescriber she runs nurse led respiratory clinics in 3 community hospitals and an acute hospital covering a range of respiratory conditions. She is always fully aware of the challenges and problems that patients, carers and staff face on a daily basis and strongly believes that working within a large multidisciplinary team benefits everyone involved.

Mrs Harper completed her BSc Hons in Respiratory Care in 2012. She continued along the education path completing her MSc in advanced practice in 2016 and is currently undertaking a Doctorate of Professional Practice. She was honoured to become the first secondary care nurse in the UK to be badged by the British Lung Foundation in 2011. In 2013 she was involved in the National Review of Asthma Deaths led by The Royal College of Physicians.

In 2019 she was awarded the title of Queens Nurse in recognition of her commitment to high standards of patient care and continually improving practice. At present she works with National organisations such as Asthma UK, The BLF, UKIG and the RCP on the National Asthma Audit.