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Can Patient Choice and Sustainable Respiratory Care Coexist?

Sustainable Respiratory Prescribing

The NHS has committed becoming Net Zero by 2040 and for the emissions across its supply chain to reach the same goal by 2045.1

In 2019, Acute and Primary Care services equated to around 75% of the total greenhouse gas emissions of the NHS, with 6.4% from anaesthetic gases and metered dose inhalers.2

The NHS has highlighted some principles which will help improve quality of care and patient experience whilst also decarbonising care pathways such as optimising location of care, earlier and quicker diagnosis and treatment and embedding best clinical practice.3

To explore how prescribers can support these principles, Katie Johnston offers a holistic patient approach in creating greener respiratory care. Ultimately, it is important to focus on more than just the inhaler device to enable long term sustainable healthcare.


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