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  • COVID-19

Emerging Therapies for COVID-19

COVID-19 has posed significant threat to global health since its emergence in 2019. Since the start of the pandemic the mechanism by which COVID-19 infects people has been extensively studied and clinical trials have been rapidly developed.

In this webinar, Professor Dave Singh presents a summary of the pathology of COVID-19, discussing viral entry via the ACE2 receptors and lung endothelial injury.

Professor Singh also explores the clinical features of COVID-19, and the early clinical studies investigating anti-viral and anti-inflammatory therapeutic options (up to June 2020).

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Professor Dave Singh

Professor Singh is a member of the Global Initiative for the management of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) Science Committee and chair of the European Respiratory Society airway pharmacology group, as well as an Investigator and steering committee member on the Accelerating COVID-19 Research and Development (ACCORD) platform. He is currently Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Respiratory Medicine at the University of Manchester, with a research interest in the development of new drugs for asthma and COPD, and also Medical Director of the Medicines Evaluation Unit and Principal investigator in over 300 clinical trials. Professor Singh’s work includes over 250 publications and he is presently an editor of the European Respiratory Journal.