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Diagnosing Asthma – Clinical Tests Revisited

Asthma Diagnosis is difficult. Respiratory history and clinical assessment is crucial to make the initial diagnosis, which should then be confirmed by objective tests and diagnostics.

Ms Samantha Prigmore explores in her presentation the various diagnostic tests available to support making the correct asthma diagnosis, including lung function parameters via peak flow and spirometry. She also explores other useful diagnostic tools such as FeNO, provocation tests, plethysmography and impulse oscillometry.

Ms Prigmore shares her views on the advantages and disadvantages of each test and provides her perspective as to how best to utilise each test in daily clinical practice when confirming an asthma diagnosis.

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Ms Samantha Prigmore

Ms Prigmore specialises in cardio respiratory nursing and was one of the first respiratory nurse specialists to be appointed in the UK. She is passionate about providing holistic care for people with respiratory disease and has been instrumental in developing respiratory nursing teams in the both the acute and community settings. She has extensive experience in nursing patients with asthma (in particular, severe and difficult asthma, transitional services and asthma in pregnancy), COPD, and patients requiring ventilatory support.

Ms Prigmore has worked closely with CCG’s to develop and redesign respiratory services and nationally, representing nursing in the development of the National Clinical Strategy for COPD and Asthma. Following this, she was seconded to NHS London, as a member of the London Respiratory Team. She is respiratory clinical lead for SW London STP and a member of the London Respiratory Network Clinical Leadership Group.

Ms Prigmore is actively involved in the British Thoracic Society, representing nursing on several committees: Primary Care Respiratory Society-UK and Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists. She has previously been a Trustee for the British Lung Foundation. She has held an honorary lecturer role with Imperial College and the Royal Brompton Hospital, and is a Trainer for Education for Health. She is currently studying for a PhD in Nursing at the University of Manchester.