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Cystic Fibrosis Transplant Care During and After COVID-19

Lung transplants can extend someone’s life and improve their quality of life. For the general population (not just Cystic Fibrosis patients), the NHS estimates that around nine out of 10 people survive a lung transplant, with most of these people surviving for at least a year after having the operation. About half will survive for at least five years after having a lung transplant, with many people living for at least 10 years. There have also been cases of people living for 20 years or more after a lung transplant.1

In this webinar Dr Vicky Gerovasili discusses the impact of COVID-19 on patients who have had lung transplantation, looking at the care of patients pre and post-transplant and the risk factors associated with mortality. Dr Gerovasili also looks at the limitations of the transplantation data and discusses how it is more representative of the general population as opposed to specific CF transplant patients. She also looks at some specifics relating to the referral process of Cystic Fibrosis patients for lung transplantations.


1. CF Trust. Cystic fibrosis and organ transplants. Available at: https://www.cysticfibrosis.org.uk/what-is-cystic-fibrosis/cystic-fibrosis-care/transplant-information-and-resources/cystic-fibrosis-and-organ-transplants/

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  • Dr Vicky Gerovasili

    Consultant in Respiratory and Transplant Medicine & Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

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