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Asthma Diagnosis and Management of Associated Co-morbidities

Patients with asthma are known to have co-morbidities, which may influence their prognosis. These co-morbidities can be categorised into pulmonary, extra-pulmonary and behavioural which can result in disease management complexity.1 In a world endemic with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this has added to the complexity with patients having limited access to routine care and the suspension of routine spirometry.

Taking these into account, how should these asthma patients be managed in a post-COVID environment in both primary and secondary care? Which new practices should healthcare professionals be aware of? In this webinar, we have invited renowned Professor Shaw to give a critical review of the co-morbidities associated with asthma and the impact of COVID-19 on patients’ asthma management with the aim of ensuring they receive optimal care.


1. Simpson et al. Allergy 2019;74(2):406-411

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Professor Dominick Shaw

Role: Professor Dominick Shaw is an honorary consultant and former head of service for the respiratory speciality at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

Education: Professor Shaw obtained his MB ChB from Liverpool, FRCP from the Royal College of Physicians London, and MD from the University of Leicester.

Research: Professor Shaw’s main research interest is in severe asthma and has published some of the most highly cited papers in this field over the past 8 years with 2 papers in the top 30 most highly cited asthma publications since 2006. He is also keen to understand more about asthma disease monitoring and management.

Membership: Professor Shaw is a member of BTS and ERS.