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Medical Grants & Donations

Chiesi Limited is committed to supporting projects and activities which enhance patient care, or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care, through our grants and donations programme.

Chiesi considers grant and donation requests from healthcare organisations and patient organisations to support specific, time limited projects or programmes with identified objectives, for the purpose of supporting healthcare, scientific research or education, without tangible benefits to Chiesi.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. All applications are reviewed in accordance with the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Code of Practice and considered against our internal grants and donations policy.  

Recommendations for completing your application

In order to give your application the best chance of success, applicants should consider the following guidance:

  • Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks before the proposed activity/event is due to take place.
  • Consideration will only be given to a funding request where all fields have been completed fully and accurately, with a full breakdown of funding.
  • Consideration will only be given to the provision of funding on the basis of the information stated in this form. You may not amend the information once submitted and if there are any changes to the basis of an application this must form the subject of a fresh application.
  • A submitted request does not constitute a guarantee that the application will be approved, and is done so at your own risk. Any detriment (financial, time or other) incurred during the application process is at the risk of the requester and will not be reimbursed by Chiesi Limited if the application is declined.
  • The account name must match the institution receiving the grant or donation for the application to be considered.
  • Payment will only be made to the account details included in this form, so please ensure the account details are correct before submission. Chiesi Limited will not be able to make payment to any other account.

Should a collaborative working arrangement be of more interest, please contact us on uk-msl@chiesi.com, and we will get in touch to discuss your proposal in more detail.

What items/activities are eligible for funding by a UK grant or donation?

  • Grant and donation requests will only be considered when there is a clear, direct benefit to patients, i.e. future management and treatment of patients is enhanced beyond routine expectations, or a benefit to the NHS is clear whilst maintaining patient care.
  • Grant and donation requests must not be linked to the use of any Chiesi product, and the application must be independently completed without the input or influence of a Chiesi employee.
  • Sponsorship of a healthcare professional to support their attendance at a scientific congress may be considered where clear rationale is provided for how patients will benefit from their attendance, however only requests for registration will be supported. Unfortunately, we are not able to support requests for accommodation and/or travel and/or subsistence in association with attendance at scientific congresses through a grant or donation. 

What items/activities will not be funded by a UK grant or donation

  • Routine NHS headcount, capital equipment and/or building funds, such as capital or operating expenses.
  • An activity that the NHS would routinely consider funding, i.e. health and safety training or external training to enable or initiate delivery of standard services expected from a surgery, health centre or hospital.
  • Any activity or professional development that would be expected to be carried out to maintain registration to a professional body and/or for appraisal and revalidation.
  • An activity that results in an individual gaining personal benefit, i.e., funding a diploma or degree course, or similar.
  • Social events (such as charity balls, student graduation celebrations).
  • Externally sponsored scientific research linked to Chiesi’s products 

How to apply

To apply for a grant or donation, click here to access the application form and submit your request.

In addition, please upload a letter of request which includes your payment information to support your application, which must be printed on institution letter headed paper.

If you have any further questions regarding the process, please feel free to contact the committee at mdg.uk@chiesi.com.

Communication of decision

All grant and donation requests are evaluated by the Chiesi UK Grants and Donations committee.

After reviewing the grant or donation application, we will respond in writing to the applicant with a decision. If successful, funding may only be provided to a healthcare organisation or patient organisation/charity, and not the individual submitting the request.

The decision made by Chiesi Limited is final, and will not be subject to further review.

All funding approval is at the discretion of Chiesi UK Limited and is not guaranteed even if all criteria is met.


Chiesi Limited will disclose any payments made in cash or benefit in kind to a Healthcare Organisation and Patient Organisation/Charity on a per activity basis.

Chiesi Limited will disclose any payments made for sponsorship to Healthcare Professionals to attend Scientific Congresses, either against the individual or as an aggregate (dependent on consent provided).

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